Mount Godard Street

extracts from “A Survey of London” by John Stow, 1598

... by Paul’s Gate on the north side is a large stree running west to Newgate, the first part whereof, from the conduit to the shambles, is of selling bladders there, called Bladder Street. The behind the butchers’ shops be now a divers slaughter-houses inward, and tippling houses outward.

This is called Mountgodard Street of the tippling houses there, and the godards mounting from the tap to the table, from the table to the mouth, and sometimes over the head. The street goeth up to the north end of Ivy Lane.

Before this Mountgodard Street stall boards of old time set up by the butchers to show and sell their flesh meat upon, over the which stall boards they first built sheds to keep off the weather, but since that encroaching by little and little, they have made their stall boards and sheds fair houses, meet for the principal shambles.

…from the Conduit to the shambles, is called Bladder Street. Then at the back of the shambles be divers slaughterhouses, and such like, pertaining to the shambles and this is called Mount Godard Street.